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The Oxbow Green is an environmentally friendly filming location where your ultimate dreams come true. A production space where you and your crew can breath and evolve to grow to something special.


We built an independently working surrounding where your film crew can create their own vision while living directly on the property.

No more traffic, no more draining rides to the set. You live where you work.


The Oxbow Green offers a massive private open air production space of 150.000 square meters, a main hall with 10m ceiling and 400 square meter ground level to make things happen.


There is nothing we can not provide. Everything is possible.

- 150.000 sqm outdoor production space

- 400 sqm, ground level mainhall with 10 ceiling

- E-Karts for rides on the property (2-8 seater)

- Private forrest

- 26 guestrooms with private bathroom

- Guestrooms limitless extendable with "Lotus Belle" glamping tents

- Big community kitchen with dining room for your crew

- Recreational area with piano and chimney

- Several camp fire places

- Bio bakery and chicken farm with daily eggs 

- Green and family friendly filmmaking at its best

Drop us a line and we get back to you ASAP ! 

The future is Green 

- The Oxbow Green -
Gut Kragenhof | Hessen

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