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Unga Sophie Bell


Young Sophie Bell (Int. Title)

Director: Amanda Adolfsson


Writer: Amanda Adolfsson, Josefin Johansson

Director of Photography: Petrus Sjövik

Cast: Felice Jankell, Hedda Stiernstedt, Iggy Malmborg, Jella Haase, Murat Dikenci,

Claes Bang, Pheline Roggan


Production Companys: Breidablick in Coproduction with TeliaSonera Sverige | Film i Skåne | Dagsljus | Europa Sound & Vision AB | Stiftelsen Ystad Österlens Film Fond | Solid Entertainment | Weydemann Bros. in collaboration with Stockholm Film Festival | NonStop Entertainment AB | Sveriges Television with support of the Swedish Film Institut


Service Production Berlin: Friendship Films

Synopsis: After high school graduation, life is finally going to least that's how best friends Sophie and Alice feel about their upcoming move to Berlin. But these dreams are shattered when Alice suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Searching for answers, Sophie retraces Alice's steps through Berlin, leading her on a life-changing journey that will open her eyes to a world of independence. Shedding her inhibitions, Sophie will discover the beautiful, the sensual, and the poetic, as well as the brutal, the murky and the grim.

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